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Polar GPS running watch M200 (optionally incl. Powerbank battery)

Nummer 90061201
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Kort beskrivelse: Polar GPS running watch M200 (optionally incl. Powerbank battery)
Smart, waterproof GPS running watch with pulse measuring on the wrist at a very attractive price-performance ratio!
Denne produktbeskrivelsen er ennå ikke til rådighet i ditt språk. Vi arbeider med ovesettelsen. Hvis du har spørsmål om produktet, kan du ringe en av våre medarbeidere : 21 98 43 90
Følgende språk står til rådighet: enenglish

produktdetaljer: Polar GPS running watch M200 (optionally incl. Powerbank battery)

  • Smart, waterproof GPS running watch with pulse measuring on the wrist at a very attractive price-performance ratio!
  • Completely integrated, visual heart rate sensor makes pulse measuring without chest strap or finger sensor possible for the first time!
  • Heart rate measuring (done on the wrist) with two LED sensors, an electro-visual lens and complex algorithms
  • Integrated Polar GPS receiver for recording route, speed, and distance
  • Unique Polar 'Smart Coaching' training functions for daily improvement of the fitness level
  • Daily activity - supports the understanding of the use of an increased activity
    • via Polar M200: Daily target, inactivity alarms
    • via smartphone/web: Daily target & instructions & use, inactivity alarms, overview of activity data (activity time, intensity zones, calories, steps & distance, sleeping duration & sleeping quality)
  • Smart calories - calculates the calories burnt during every training and throughout the day (based on the heart rate (HR) and activity)
    • via Polar M200: Training calories for every training
    • via smartphone/web: Training and activity calories, total weekly calories
  • Heart rate zones - guarantee a training in the correct intensity by using training zones (HR, speed/pace)
    • via Polar M200: Instructions for HR zones based targets. Zones are shown on the display graphics.
    • via smartphone/web: Training time in zone, zone limit
  • Training use - Motivating feedback of the effect of every training session
    • via Polar M200: not available
    • via smartphone/web: Feedback text
  • Running Index - supports the monitoring of the running performance
    • via Polar M200: not available
    • via smartphone/web: Running Index, long-term progress report and predicted competition times in the web
  • Running programmes - support you in achieving the own target by means of instructions how to train correctly
    • via Polar M200: daily target
    • via smartphone: targets
    • via web: Programme settings and follow-up (programme and individual target)
  • Many further (sport) functions
  • Watch
    • Time & date
    • alarm with snooze (setup via smartphone)
  • GPS functions
    • speed/pace
    • distance
    • height
    • route (route view in smartphone/web)
  • Heart rate (via chest strap or pulse measuring on the wrist)
    • beats/min. % (selectable in smartphone/web)
    • HR zones (track zones via display graphics)
  • Laps
    • manual laps (only take laps, lap details are visible in the smartphone/web)
    • automatic laps (setup in the smartphone/web)
  • Sport profiles
    • sport profile list and training views can be adapted in the smartphone/web
    • informative running displays (Cooper Test result; WR in 10 km)
  • Intergrated 24/7 activity tracker
    • activity measuring by means of acceleration sensor
  • Smart Notifications (iOS, Android)
    • displays incoming calls, emails, SMS, and other social media messages
  • Polar Flow Webservice
    • training journal, planning, analysis, sharing/community, product customisation
  • Polar Flow App
    • mobile FTU & Firmware Update, auto-data sync, customisation/settings, sport profiles, offline data view, training journal, quick targets, sharing
  • Connectivity
    • standard USB-A for data transfer with PC or Mac (no cable in the box)
    • data transfer via Bluetooth Smart 4.0 (smartphone, tablet)
    • software update-able (also via Flow App)
  • Technical data
    • weight: 40 g
    • thickness: 12 mm
    • grey FSTN display
    • 1344 py display resolution
    • two button use
    • waterproof: pressure (water column) 3 bar (30 m)
    • 4 MB memory capacity (last five sessions are displayed in the journal)
    • chargeable 180 mAh Li-pol battery for training of up to seven hours trainint time at a time with GPS and sensors or up to 30 days in watch mode with daily activity measuring
    • localised for 16 languages (ENG, GER, FRA, ESP, ITA, POR, FIN, SWE, NOR, DK, NL, TK, RU, ID, PL, CZE
  • Individual customisation by means of coloured change-wristbands (optionally available as accessory)

beskrivelse: Polar GPS running watch M200 (optionally incl. Powerbank battery)

With the Polar GPS running watch M200 (optionally incl. Powerbank battery), the pulse measuring is comfortably done on the wrist - wearing a chest starp is no longer necessary!

After the Finnish sport watch specialist Polar equipped its smartwatch M600 wtih the visual heart rate measuring, the Polar M200 sport watch also gets this feature, which is very popular among leisure runners, as a beginner model. Due to the comfortable pulse measuring of small LEDs and a photocell on the wrist, it is no longer required to wear a chest strap. As a result, Polar offers the sport watch M200 - a solution for all runners, who feel uncomfortable wearing a chest strap (of it mainly women).

It is equipped with an integrated GPS and the unique Polar 'Smart Coaching' training functions

Although the M200 running watch rather belongs to the entry level in terms of price, it does not only include a hand pulse measuring but also a fully integrated GPS, by which the running speed, distance, height as well as route can be tracked. Furthermore, the Polar approved Smart Coaching training as well as activity functions contribute to a successful and performance-oriented training without under- or overexertion.
Depending upon the fitness level and the training target, the Polar GPS running watch M200 (optionally incl. Powerbank battery) determines the optimal heart rate zone, in which you should train to achieve your target. After your activity, you get a feedback of the training use via the linked smartphone/web, while the "Running Index" keeps you up to date about the development of your performance.
Moreover, you can use individually customised running training plans via the Polar Flow App or the Polar Webportal. That's how the next 5 km or 10 km run, half-marathon or marathon can be ideally planned.

Be always up to date even during the training? Smart Notifications make it happen!

Besides the common watch displays (time, date, alarm with snooze) and classic extras like a pedometer and lap counter, also incoming calls or social media messages can be displayed on the M200, when it is connected to iOS and Android smartphones (via Polar Flow App). If required, also via a vibration alarm.
The waterproof Polar GPS running watch M200 (optionally incl. Powerbank battery) allows for a monochrome displaying with the grey FSTN display; the resolution is 1344 px. According to Polar, the integrated 180 mAh Li-pol battery offers a use of up to six days, in so far as you train daily an hour with GPS and visual heart rate measuring. Alternatively, the battery works up to seven hours, when GPS and heart rate measuring are permanently activated or up to 30 days in the sole watch mode with activity measuring.

COLOR YOUR LIFE - with the coloured change-wristbands for the Polar M200

The Polar GPS running watch M200 (optionally incl. Powerbank battery) is offered in the colours black and red; the standard size is M/L and is suitable for women and men. However, we recommend the additional purchase of a change wristband in the size S/M for petite wrists. There are also great, coloured change wristbands available for the unisex size (M/L) of the Polar GPS running watch M200 (optionally incl. Powerbank battery).
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Garantibetingelser: Polar GPS running watch M200 (optionally incl. Powerbank battery)

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4.71 av 5 stjerner
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fr fra Paroz fra 20.6.2018 5
Montre très facile à utiliser. Plus besoin de ceinture pectorale pour la fréquence cardiaque. La synchronisation avec l'application sur smartphone est rapide et simple. Je la recommande!
pl fra Anonym fra 14.5.2018 5
Jestem zachwycona. Przed zakupem przeczytałam wiele opinii, przedarłam się przez setki artykułów na temat produktu więc jego funkcje nie są dla mnie zaskoczeniem. Jedyne co bym zmieniła to pokazywanie ilości spalonych kalorii. Fajnie by było gdyby ta wartość była do zobaczenia na zegarku, nie tylko w aplikacji. Konfigu... [les videre]racja była bardzo ciężka - nie chciał złapać połączenia z moim telefonem więc było trochę nerwów, poza tym nie mam żadnych uwag. No i cena- zdecydowanie najniższa w całej sieci, nie spodziewałam się, że uda mi się znaleźć akurat ten zegarek w tak atrakcyjnej cenie. [vis mindre]
de fra Fredi FunRunner fra 10.11.2017 5
Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit der Uhr. Die Anzeige ist gut lesbar, auch in der Dämmerung. Einfache Bedienung. Die Pulsmessung funktioniert einwandfrei und auch GPS macht keine Probleme. Synchronisierung mit der Flow App läuft auch. Die Funktionen sind für den Durchschnittsläufer ausreichend, Rundenzeiten, Angabe der Gesch... [les videre]windigkeit, Streckenlänge, Puls etc. [vis mindre]
de fra Andy fra 1.11.2017 5
top uhr hat alles was läufer braucht !!muß nicht immer das top modell sein .preis leistung genial und der preis hier unschlagbar! danke
de fra Anonym fra 27.10.2017 5
Sehr einfach zu bedienen. Ziffern sehr gut lesbar. Für Einsteiger und Hobbyausdauersportler zu empfehlen.

Polar GPS running watch M200 (optionally incl. Powerbank battery) tilbehør - vi anbefaler:

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