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  • Curveplate set: brilliant accessories for indoor bikes, ergometers and exercise bikes
  • Simulates the movement of a bicycle on the road
  • For even more demanding and diverse cycling workouts
  • Torso training - stresses a number of additional muscle groups
  • High-quality & safe: the curveplate is made of two very sturdy, fibreglass reinforced plastic plates
  • Intensely tested for tilt stability
  • Patented design
  • Suitable for training at home, in a gym or in a sports, health or rehabilitation facility
  • Training zones of the curveplate:
    • Orange Zone - normal riding: simulation of a normal ride in which the whole bicycle can be easily moved to the right or the left
    • Green Zone - sway ride: simulation of a mountain ride and sweeping bends
    • Red Zone - sharp bends: longer cornering with 9 degree incline. Stresses the lateral musculature more
  • Easy assembly with hook and loop fasteners
  • Made in Austria
  • Max. load approx. 240 kg
  • oppstillingsmål - Curveplate Set: (L) 82 cm x (B) 18.4 cm x (H) 7.7 cm

Experience the revolution in indoor cycling training with the Curveplate Set – an ingenious accessory for indoor bikes, ergometers and exercise bikes. With this high-quality set, you can simulate the natural movements of a road bike and experience more challenging and varied workouts at home or in the gym.

What makes the Curveplate so special is its ingenious design, which also takes core training to a whole new level when cycling. The special shape and movability of the Curveplate works a variety of additional muscle groups and provides additional training impulses that enrich and intensify your workout.

Made from two very robust, glass-fibre-reinforced plastic plates, the Curveplate guarantees both high quality and safety. It has been intensively tested for resistance to tipping and can easily bear a maximum load of around 240 kg. It is therefore suitable for training at home, in a gym or in a sports, health or rehabilitation facility.

The Curveplate is also divided into three different training zones:
  • The orange zone allows you to simulate a normal ride by moving the entire bike slightly to the left or right.
  • The green zone is ideal for simulating a mountain stage and long bends – perfect for practising riding out of the saddle. This is particularly important, as riding out of the saddle helps you to use your power more efficiently and therefore maintain your stamina even on steep climbs or long rides.
  • The red zone is suitable for longer cornering with a 9-degree incline and works the lateral muscles more.

The Curveplate is very easy to fit using hook-and-loop fasteners. It is compact and space-saving with installation dimensions of 82 cm in length, 18.4 cm in width and 7.7 cm in height. Made in Austria, the Curveplate brings the authentic experience of road cycling right to your home or gym. Take your indoor cycling training to the next level with the Curveplate Set!

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