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Fitshop tester hvert treningsapparat veldig nøye. Tilslutt vurderer vårt team, som består av sportsforskere, elitesportsmenn og service-teknikkere med lang erfaring, våre produkter i forskjellige kategorier. Med Fitshop-testresultat kan du lett sammenlikne produktene med hverandre og ut fra det, finne det apparatet som passer best for deg.
Basketball is not only for the pros in the NBA to play in large indoor arenas; you’re also likely to find a basketball hoop at someone’s home, on a public playground, or in a sports hall or recreation centre. Basketball stars like LeBron James or Dirk Nowitzki attract a lot of attention, but basketball is fun for everyone. You can have a great time with just a ball and a hoop.

Basketball is a Three-Pointer promising Fun, Competition, and Fitness

Basketball offers three things at once: It’s fun to shoot, dribble, and balance a spinning ball on your finger like a Harlem Globetrotter. Developing your skills gives you a feeling of accomplishment and progress. You can compete with friends or against other teams. If you don’t feel like playing a full-on round of hoops, you can play various other basketball games like: Around the World, H-O-R-S-E, or Knockout. Children can learn good sportsmanship and build character. Basketball keeps you fit as it trains your stamina, coordination, and speed at the same time. Get your blood pumping, increase your vertical jump, and develop a tone, muscular body to help you dominate on the court and improve your overall health.

Stay in shape with basketball

Playing basketball gives you a full-body workout. You burn calories from running around the court. Shooting hoops trains hand-eye coordination and focuses your concentration. A game of basketball tests your agility and reaction speed. You only need a ball and a hoop, and they don’t need to be regulation-size or height for you to have fun and reap the health benefits. We offer mounts for on walls and free-standing basketball hoops for beginners and experienced athletes with high standards seeking quality equipment.
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67x i Europa
Europas Nr. 1 i hjemmetrening
67x i Europa