Hudora Competition Pro Basketball Stand

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  • Bag yourself a high-quality basketball stand at an unbeatable price
  • Equipped with two wheels for ease of transport
  • Height-adjustable in 6 increments from 230cm to 305cm
  • Adjustable up to official NBA basket height (3.05m)
  • 3 refillable sandbags included in delivery, for perfect stability
  • Foam-padded vertical bar for safety
  • Powder-coated metal ring with 45.7cm diameter (NBA Standard)
  • 110x70cm transparent acrylic back wall
  • White polyester netting, 53cm in length
  • Textile-covered substructure
  • Weather-resistant

Play basketball at home like the pros

The interaction within its high-quality materials ensures maximum stability with the Hudora Competition Pro Basketball Stand, whether it's for a few throws here and there for improving your own skills. The basketball stand is a good choice for every situation.

The height adjustability affords you the chance to improve your basketball skills in compliance with NBA Standards. Black markings will help you work on your lay-up. With the high-quality acrylic back wall, you're given the advantage of throwing from the triple area without basket damage.

Play basketball like a pro at home

Whether you're a professional or a beginner, a child or an adult, the Competition Pro basketball stand is a good choice for every basketball fan. All parts of the lower stand area are either padded for or produced from textiles conducive to injury prevention. Have your friends and neighbours over to find out which of you has the hidden talent to give the world its next Michael Jordan, Dirk Nowitzki or LeBron James.

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