Fitbit Fitness Tracker ALTA

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  • Practical accessory for your daily fitness programme: The Fitbit Fitness Tracker ALTA
  • Records steps, distance, burnt calories, and minutes of activity
  • Monitors your sleep and awakes you silently
  • Detailled tracking of the movement data exact to the minute - up to five days
  • Records the daily total values of the last 30 days
  • The Alta is sweat, rain, and splash water proof
  • Messages: calls and SMS via Bluetooth 4.0.
  • Removable Fitbit Alta tracker, classic wristband, charging cable, and dongle for wireless synchronising are included in delivery
  • Minimum requirements for synchronising: Windows Vista, Mac OS X 10.6, iPhone 4S, iPad 3rd generation as well as leading Android and Windows devices

Fitbit Fitness Tracker ALTA - the stylish activity tracker for the wrist

The Fitbit Fitness Tracker ALTA is the perfect fitness tracker, which you can wear on your wrist day and night. Throughout the day, the Fitbit Fitness Tracker ALTA records your steps, the burnt calories as well as the covered distance and your active minutes. At night, it monitors your sleep and gives you feedback about your sleeping quality. By means of the three-axis acceleration sensor, the Fitbit Fitness Tracker ALTA calculates your burnt calories by means of your profile. It offers the advantage that you have a personalised overview about your data, which are calculated according to your personalised data and are not indicated as average. The integrated movement reminder motivates you to achieve your hourly target of 250 steps. At the same time, you are informed about received messages, calendar messages as well as incoming calls. The automated sleep detection records and analyses your sleeping rhythm. In the dashboard you can see, how long you have slept and how often you were awake. This information helps you to improve your sleep. Due to the integrated mute alarm, the Fitbit Fitness Tracker ALTA awakes you with a soft vibration at the desired time.

The Fitbit Fitness Tracker ALTA can be wireless synchronised with your smartphone or computer so that you always have your statistics at hand. A special feature of the Fitbit Fitness Tracker ALTA is that you have the possibility to adapt your wristband. The nice and small wristband comes as fashion accessory. Thanks to the available replacement wristbands, you can choose among different colours and choose your personal style. Online tools for free and a mobile App, by which you can set your targets and track your progress in clear diagrammes and charts, are available for the Fitbit Fitness Tracker ALTA .

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Skriv nå en vurdering av et produkt og vinn en rabattkupong på 4250,00 NOK eller erstattning av kjøpesummen du har betalt . Du har valget !

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Ware ist optisch gut anschaubar, umfangreiche Details in der Anwendung, Armband leicht austauschbar, zu empfehlen!
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Profesjonalna i uprzejma obsługa telefoniczna. Inne sklepy wystawiały towar którego faktycznie nie było na stanie. Przesyłka zrezalizowana błyskawicznie (przedpłata kartą kredytową). Polecam z czystym sumieniem.
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Das Produkt ist noch nicht getestet, deshalb hierzu noch keine Information. Ein Produkt wird sich im Langzeitgebrauch bewähren müssen. Qualität ist, wenn der Kunde zurück kommt, und nicht das Produkt. Das Plastikarmband ist viel viel zu teuer! Wenn es das Beste für Sie ist, haben Sie alles richtig gemacht, dann weiter so. Viel Erfolg....

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