Taurus MFT dual cable pull station

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  • Double cable pull station with extensive accessories and many training stations
  • 2:1 gear ratio for precise adjustment of the training weight; 1:1 when using both cable pulleys together
  • The gear ratio means the cable can be pulled very far and considerably increases the variety of exercises again.
  • Cable pulley height-adjustable to 17 positions: 33 cm–186 cm and laterally adjustable to eight positions.
  • Pull-up station with three grip options (wide, boulder grips, narrow, grip width 100 cm | 62 cm | 35 cm)
  • Adjustable back pad provides optimal support for standing chest exercises such as chest flyes or standing bench presses; seven-way adjustable side angles, four-way adjustable length.
  • Leg raise/dip station (handle width: 51 cm or 67 cm) mountable at three heights (100 cm, 110 cm or 120 cm)
  • Exercise poster on the back wall with 24 exercises for a comprehensive full-body workout
  • Incl. Sling trainer and fastening ring
  • Foot plate for seated rowing can be mounted on both sides
  • Extensive range of accessories:
    • Long bar to connect to both cable pulleys at the same time, e.g. for bench presses, squats or lat pulldowns
    • Short bar, e.g. for seated rowing or tricep and bicep exercises
    • Padded loop, e.g. for training adductors and abductors
    • Two single-handed handles with five length settings for almost all exercises
    • Tricep rope
    • Lat pull-down bar
    • Leg attachment
    • Massage roller attachment
    • Adjustable back pad for added stability during standing chest exercises
    • 75 cm textile strap for support during pull-ups or for hip thrusts
    • Two chains and four karabiners
  • Max. User weight for the pull-up bar and the dip attachment: 150 kg
  • Seven hooks for stowing accessories, drinks bottle holder, holder for short dumbbell bars/rowing handle
  • Nylon-sheathed steel cables can bear loads of over 900 kg, diameter of the adjustment tube: 5.5 cm, diameter of the pulleys: 50 mm | 92 mm | 127 mm.
  • To get the most out of your workout, we recommend that you also use a weight bench.
  • Weight block: 59 kg or 90 kg; you can also upgrade at a later date.
  • Recommended minimum ceiling height for installation: 230 cm
  • oppstillingsmål - Taurus MFT dual cable pull station: (L) 124 cm x (B) 143 cm x (H) 214 cm

Unleash your full potential at the Taurus MFT dual cable pull station.

Experience the versatility and many positive effects of weight training with our double cable pull station. This exceptional piece of equipment has two separately usable, height-adjustable cable pulleys and provides a wide range of exercise options to shape your body and achieve your fitness goals.

The cable pull station has two independent cable pulleys, which are each height-adjustable to 17 heights. You have two options for the weight block: 59 kg or 90 kg. A 2:1 gear ratio comes into play – so you can select even more precise weight and the pull the cable out even further, which considerably increases the number of exercises.

Another highlight of the cable pulleys is that the arms can be swivelled 180° and set in eight positions. This allows you to swing your arms outwards on both sides if you want to perform crossover exercises, for instance, or you can turn the handles inwards and try a bench press with a narrow grip. This will help you work on your triceps even better.

Comprehensive accessory pack for all-round training.

To enable you to perform all these exercises safely and effectively, the designation comes with a fairly comprehensive accessory pack. Various bars of different lengths, chains and snap hooks are included in the scope of delivery so that you can adapt your training here too. There is a foot strap, a back pad for support during standing exercises, a pull-up station and much more besides.

Despite its extensive range of functions, the station takes up little space. Its robust design ensures stability even during demanding workouts. A seven-hook storage system keeps your accessories organised, while features like a bottle holder and a rack for dumbbells or rowing handles enhance your workout experience.
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