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adidas is the second largest sporting goods company in the world and as such is a leader in innovation and design. adidas owes that above all to its passion for sports. The company knows how to develop high-quality sportswear and adidas fitness equipment. Even top athletes rely on the outstanding product quality. adidas inspires users and sets new trends every day.

A pioneer in the sportswear industry, adidas is now conquering the home fitness sector: as of recently, you can choose between the adidas T-16 treadmill and the C-16 ergometer, compelling home fitness equipment for effective endurance training at home.
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All the diversity of adidas

Adidas pursues the ambitious goal of helping athletes at every level achieve top performance. To achieve that, Adidas offers every athlete the best possible product for their sport. That is exactly what the well-known trademark, the three stripes, stands for.

With more than 660 million products per year, adidas pursues a multi-brand strategy. Whether you are a top athlete or a fashionista, everyone deserves to find themselves in adidas products while maintaining their individuality. adidas offers an enormous range of precisely matched products for a diverse consumer spectrum – the whole spectrum of sports, in fact.

At Sport-Tiedje's online shop, you can get adidas sportswear and sports shoes, excellent equipment for boxing and table tennis, fitness equipment for functional training, weight benches, and barbell stations along with pulse watches and other accessories.

As of September 2016, Sport-Tiedje also carries the Adidas treadmill T-16 and the Adidas ergometer C-16, the first fitness equipment by Adidas – with the three stripes, of course!

adidas at a glance

The mission of adidas is to be the world's best sporting goods company. To achieve that, adidas's more than 53,000 employees in over 160 countries cultivate a sporty lifestyle with extraordinary passion. With commitment, dedication, and team spirit, adidas continuously innovates and sets new standards in sports and fitness. As a global company, adidas acts in a socially and environmentally responsible manner and values diversity.

adidas – how it all began

Every large company started out small. The adidas success story began in 1920 in a small laundry room in Middle Franconia, where the Dassler brothers tinkered with sports shoes that were optimally adapted to the foot of the athlete in question. That established the mission to provide each athlete with the best possible product for their sport. In 1949, Adolf Dassler founded the "Adi Dassler adidas Sportschuhfabrik [Sports Shoe Factory]" and had the famous trademark of 3 stripes registered on the same day.

The "Miracle of Bern" drove the global success of adidas. The replaceable screw-in studs on the exceptionally lightweight football shoes of the German national team made history in 1954 – and made adidas a world-famous name on all football fields.

Since its founding, adidas has celebrated great victories but also overcome one or two challenges. The sports company has evolved and changed. Today, adidas is looking to the future without forgetting its own roots.
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