Compex muscle lstimulator Sport 8.0 WOD Edition

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  • The Sport 8.0 WOD edition of muscle stimulator from the Sport series by Compex offers maximum freedom thanks to a wireless connection to the electrodes
  • 40 programs to increase your well-being:
    • Programs: conditioning: 13; pain-relief: 10; recovery: 5; rehab: 2; fitness: 10
  • MI-scan: your muscles are scanned and the muscle stimulator is optimally adjusted. You determine the intensity
  • MI-tens makes it easier to adjust the stimulation level for pain-relief programs
  • The stimulation level is set fully automatically with MI-autorange based on your physical characteristics and features
  • MI-action: the combination of randomly interspersed impulses during the regular training or recovery mode further increases the effectiveness of the training
  • COMPEX muscle stimulator scope of delivery:
    • Remote control for electric muscle stimulation
    • Charging station
    • Attractive storage case
    • USB cable
    • 16 small electrodes (5 x 5 cm)
    • 8 large electrodes (5 x 10 cm and 2 snap fasteners)
    • 8 large electrodes (5 x 10 cm and 1 snap fastener)
    • 4 Complex elastic hook-and-loop fasteners
    • Soft carrying bag for storing modules and device
    • Starter guide
    • Protective cover with strap for the remote control
  • Extra:
    • 3-year warranty extension (when registering with Compex)

The WOD edition of the Compex SP 8.0 muscle stimulator impresses with its unique camouflage design. It is the ideal addition to your normal training.

The flagship of the Compex wireless series

With its wireless technology and 40 training programs, the Compex muscle lstimulator Sport 8.0 WOD Edition offers outstanding comfort during training, regeneration and pain management. The wireless technology provides a completely new feeling when training with the muscle stimulator. Without the cables, your movement quality is enhanced and there are no longer any restrictions on the quality of pulse transmissions.

Individualised performance increase

The MI-range technology allows the device to scan the muscle groups and therefore automatically adjusts the intensity to the condition of the muscles. However, you can still adjust it according to your personal preferences. The MI-range technology makes it easier for you to adjust the rehabilitation and massage programs. MI-tens makes it easier to adjust the stimulation level for pain-relief programs.

You can use the device to complete programs in the areas of conditioning, pain-relief, recovery and fitness. The Compex muscle lstimulator Sport 8.0 WOD Edition optimises your training and your performance is boosted.

Your training can also be evaluated. You can have these training sessions evaluated on your computer via a web connection. You can analyse the training data there and optimise it using the Compex software. You can also download training goals, allowing you to add variety to your training.

MI-TENS – for effective pain relief

With the MI-tens program you can relieve pain that occurs after or during exercise. In general, MI-TENS makes it easier to adjust the stimulation level for your selected pain-relief programs. The pain treatment helps with acute pain, muscle pain, neck pain, back pain, lumbago, epicondylitis, tendonitis, heavy legs and cramp prevention.

EMS (muscle stimulation)

Muscle stimulation contributes to improved muscle strength, muscle building, muscle recovery and pain relief. Muscle stimulation takes place by stimulating nerve fibres using electrical impulses.

Training with EMS

Using a muscle stimulator leads to an improvement in muscle strength during training. Use the muscle stimulator during dynamic exercises; this can improve athletic ability and performance.

The fast-twitch fibres can also be activated at low loads, even though they are usually only activated at higher loads. EMS training can also help to improve jumping ability.

Relaxation through soothing massages

After training, you can use the Compex muscle lstimulator Sport 8.0 WOD Edition for relaxing massages. This not only helps with training recovery, but also with competition recovery. Recovery massages, anti-DOMS massages and regeneration massages can be performed.

Special features of the WOD edition

The Compex WOD edition has everything that is included with the normal SP 8.0 version. However, the WOD edition includes some extras that the SP 8.0 does not.

In contrast to the normal SP 8.0 edition, the WOD edition with camouflage design includes an additional three-year warranty extension when you register on the Compex website – meaning you have a five-year warranty when you purchase the WOD edition. You also receive a comprehensive range of accessories with 32 adhesive electrodes and four elastic retaining straps.

A compact carrying bag is also included so that you can take the muscle stimulator with you wherever you go. In addition to the special camouflage design, the WOD edition offers unbeatable value for money.

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