Finnlo by Hammer Autark 10.0 weight station

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Mange øvelsesmuligheter
  • Versatile weight station with more than 45 exercises for the whole body
  • Two 80-kg weight stacks, can be expanded up to 100 kg
  • Three different pairs of cable pulls
  • High pair of cable pulls for pull exercises such as lat pulldowns and push exercises such as tricep presses
  • Medium pair of cable pulls with footrest for various rowing variations
  • Two side cable pulls that can be adjusted to 32 different heights for a wide variety of exercises for the whole body
  • Includes grip loops, lat pull-down bar and curl bar for the cable pulls
  • Integrated barbell with safety rest for basic exercises such as bench press, shoulder press, deadlifts and squats - compatible with 30 mm and 50 mm weightplates
  • Back cushion with foldable armrest for leg raises
  • Removable foot support for various abdominal exercises
  • Includes weight bench with 7 settings (-15°, 0°, 15°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 80°), can be loaded with up to 300 kg
  • Minimum ceiling height: 220 cm for assembly, 245 cm for optimal use
  • maksimal belastbarhet: 150 kg
  • oppstillingsmål - Finnlo by Hammer Autark 10.0 weight station: (L) 117 cm x (B) 260 cm x (H) 220 cm

The Finnlo Maximum Autark 10.0 is the ultimate weight station from Hammer. The weight station offers you a complete gym experience in a very small space and is therefore ideally suited for dedicated bodybuilders and those who want to become one. The weight station is made of a solid steel frame and offers excellent functionality thanks to sophisticated engineering – the Finnlo by Hammer Autark 10.0 weight station is a premium product across the board.

Unlimited training possibilities

The Finnlo by Hammer Autark 10.0 weight station offers almost unlimited training possibilities for all muscle groups and enables different training methods. The cable pulls enable functional and free training, the guided barbell allows basic exercises to be carried out and further extras such as the dip station and the pull-up bar enable effective bodyweight training. This variety allows you to keep adding new stimuli to further strengthen your muscles and achieve your training goals. You can vary between different training plans and splits.

Sophisticated cable pulls

The highlight of the weight station are the various cable pulls. Cable pulls are great for free weight training. Here you train not only your strength, but also your stability and body tension. Hammer has developed a particularly sophisticated system for the Finnlo by Hammer Autark 10.0 weight station, whereby the two 80 kg weight stacks can be moved with three different cable pulls each. This makes the exercise variety even greater and the weight station even more effective. Two cable pulls run in the middle between the pull-up grips; these can be used for various pulling exercises for the latissimus – both with the lat pull-down bar and the high-quality, non-slip handles. Two more cable pulls run in the centre of the weight station, where they can be used for various rowing variations to strengthen your back.

The remaining two cable pulls are attached to the side of the Autark 10.0 and can be adjusted to 32 different heights. These run smoothly and quietly in both directions thanks to the high-quality idler pulleys and ball bearings. Thus, the cable pulls allow you to perform a versatile workout – with both complex exercises for all major muscles and isolation exercises as well as isolateral training for individual muscles and body parts. Thanks to the quick-adjustment mechanism, the cable pulls can be adjusted in no time at all, allowing for super sets without any problems. You can choose to do the exercises standing freely or sitting or lying on the included bench.

Achieve your goals with safe basic exercises

Complex exercises such as bench press and squats are very effective, but require some technique. With the Finnlo by Hammer Autark 10.0 weight station you can safely perform them using the guided barbell. Thanks to the integrated safety racks, you can push your limits even without a spotter. The included bench also allows for various bench press settings – even negative bench press at -15°. The barbell can be equipped with all 50-mm weight plates (sold separately).

Training with bodyweight

The Finnlo by Hammer Autark 10.0 weight station offers you everything you need for a good bodyweight workout. The pull-up bar is attached to the frame of the weight station and offers multiple grip options that allow you to do exercises ranging from narrow chin-ups to wide pull-ups. The dip station is located inside the weight station and can be easily folded so as not to interfere with the rest of the workout. The same goes for the armrests, which, in combination with the back cushion, provide a comfortable position for hard abdominal workouts during leg raises.

With the Finnlo by Hammer Autark 10.0 weight station there are no limits to your workout; equip your home now with the high-quality weight station.

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