Matrix Treadmill TF50 xir

Nummer MAT-101014-XIR
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Fitshop's test-resultat
  • Komfortabel trening hjemme hos deg selv
  • Innovative konsoller med intuitiv styring
  • Høykvalitets robust utførelse
  • Profesjonelle dempingsegenskaper - Ultimate Deck-system
  • Motor: 3,25 hk kontinuerlig drift med Johnson Drive-system
  • maksimal belastbarhet: 181 kg
  • oppstillingsmål - Matrix Treadmill TF50 xir: (L) 206 cm x (B) 91 cm x (H) 158 cm
    klappet sammen - Matrix Treadmill TF50 xir: (L) 106 cm x (B) 91 cm x (H) 192 cm
  • tekniske data:
    • DC-motor: 3.25 HK-varig ytelse
    • løpeflate: 152 x 51 cm
    • løpematte: dobbelt lag, 2.2 mm
    • hastighet: 0.8 - 20 km/h
    • stigning: 0 - 15 %
  • treningscomputer:
    • visning: tid, strekning, hastighet, stigning, pace, kalorier, puls
    • treningsprogrammer tilsammen: 13
  • utrustning:
    • hjertefrekvensmåling: håndpulssensor, pulsbelte
    • Pulsbelte til telemetrisk hjertefrekvensmåling er med i leveringen
    • HRS-styring: innstilling av hastighet og stigning på håndtakene på hver side
    • ekstra: kan klappes sammen

Matrix Treadmill TF50 xir: Powerful and precise 3.25HP motor control

The Matrix treadmill is built from one of the most advanced combination of frame, drive and running deck. Running on this treadmill covers all conditions for an enduring and powerful cardio training. The powerful motor guarantees a steady output with speeds up to 20km/h and 15% incline.

The two layered running mat, with a thickness of 2.2mm, offers very comfortable cushioning over the whole 152cm x 51cm running area. The so-called Ultimate Deck System offers a professsional running experience thanks to a robust frame, an extra thick running mat and an extra strong running deck. The Digital Drive System re-calibrates the motor after each step and provides a smooth and balanced run.

Save space while storing away the Matrix Treadmill TF50 xir thanks to the foldable running deck. The running deck folds up and down almost by itself to due the hydraulic support, named Easy-Fold-Technology. During folding down the last centimeters sinks automatically. This is a safety feature to minimise injury and protect the under-lying flooring. With the 4 transport wheel system you could move the treadmill with one hand.

Additional comfort features are the bottle holder, smart phone/tablet holder, soft touch buttons, hand pulse sensors and stylish aluminium side rests.

A special feature of Matrix home fitness equipment is the console.

The XIR Console: Almost limitless entertainment with HD display.

The XIR console provides maximum comfort for operation, training variety and entertainment. The large 16“ HD display doesn't leave any wish unfullfilled. Operation is easily done via the intuitive touchscreen controls.

Your training information, as long as it is set-up, will automatically transmit to the fitness apps/tools that you are using. Your training sessions will also get saved in other applications and offers you a direct overview of your performance and training advancements. If you want, you are also able to share your data in your social networks with a single button. Facebook, Twitter and other apps are pre-installed on the XIR console.

13 standard training programs are the basis for training on the Matrix Treadmill TF50 xir. Along with that is the exclusive Matrix Sprint 8 program. This scientifically based, high intensity interval training (HITT) is especially effective in building muscles and burning fat in short sessions. This type of training is especially suited for users with time constraints or to set new training impulses. It is scientifically proven that two intensive training sessions a week reduce the risk of heart attacks, strokes or diabetes.

The optional Passport Media Technology is a highlight of virtual worlds and routes. Your daily training routine will become an adventure around the world thanks to this technology. You are able to select numerous routes worldwide to run or ride on. Discover the Great Wall of China, run through the steppes of Afrika or visit the metropolitons of Tokyo, London or Sydney. Via Bluetooth or the USB port you are able to transfer your music or videos to the console and listen or watch your entertainment program while training. Sound is also not a problem thanks to the two 5 Watt speakers.

Alternatively use your internet connection to use apps like Netflix, Hulu or YouTube (pre-installed) to search for a program of your choice.

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