Fitness innovations made of wood
NOHRD, a quality brand of Waterrower GmbH, stands for innovative fitness equipment made of valuable wood. The sports equipment manufacturer from Nordhorn in Lower Saxony has developed from an insider tip to a trendsetter in a very short time. The range of NOHRD fitness equipment includes exclusive wall bars, strength equipment, and dumbbells. All NOHRD sports equipment is made of real wood and integrates perfectly into your home and modern fitness rooms. Each NOHRD product is an original and as unique as you are thanks to the naturalness of its materials.

NOHRD is more than a fitness brand: NOHRD is a lifestyle. Working out on a NOHRD fitness device is an athletic experience for all the senses: you see the unique grain of the wood, enjoy the smell of the leather, and hear the movement of the water. An experience that to be felt throughout your whole body and that will harmonise body and mind.
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Effective total-body workouts with NOHRD fitness equipment

In creating innovative products, NOHRD combines classic training methods that have proved to be correct and effective over the years, with advanced features, clear design, and organic materials. The result is a new-found quality of life, a natural workout variety for an effective total-body workout.

Swinging workouts with NOHRD Swing

Swinging motions are particularly effective and a completely natural part of our daily musculoskeletal system. With NOHRD Swing fitness equipment, you shift the centre of gravity beyond the extremities and perform particularly elastic movements – keeping muscles, joints, and connective tissue supple. The patented concept is based on the special filling of the dumbbells with balls of iron granules. Those resonate with every movement in the leather bag and create an imbalance – an effect that is not possible with fixed weights. With NOHRD Swing fitness equipment, you create constantly varying training stimuli for your body. Not only do you increase your performance and resilience, but dumbbell training is also especially fun!

NOHRD wallbars – the fold-out wall bars

Wall bars are a real classic among fitness equipment. NOHRD has taken the concept and optimised it in a decisive way: equipped with an integrated outrigger, your training options are significantly enhanced. The wall bars offer numerous holding options for stretching and body weight exercises – a NOHRD fitness device for the whole family!

NOHRD Weight Workx – the innovative fitness tower

Classic weight training has a name: on the sophisticated NOHRD Weight Workx workout station, you challenge all major muscle groups. The fitness tower can be individually adapted to your needs. The wall bars and the reclining bench enhance the training options.

NOHRD upper-body trainer WaterGrinder

The WaterGrinder offers the possibility of practising sailing sports from home without giving up the element of water. It complements cardio training with upper body training, which is too often neglected. Using a classic crank motion, you train muscle strength and endurance in one workout on the upper body ergometer. The teardrop shape of the wooden frame is a real eye-catcher.

NOHRD: functional design and natural materials

The specialists for extraordinary fitness equipment perfectly combine function and design: visually a highlight, technically an innovation, NOHRD fitness equipment fits harmoniously into your living ambience just like a valuable piece of furniture. The elegant design meets the requirements for an effective training and the aesthetic demands of the trainee in equal measure. NOHRD fitness equipment is excellent training equipment in the truest sense of the word; after all, the SlimBeam cable pulls are winners of the German Design Award 2016.

The combination of natural materials such as wood, leather, and water with plastic and metal is not only visually eye-catching, but also gives NOHRD fitness equipment the necessary stability for a demanding total-body workout. Available in ash, cherry, and walnut, NOHRD fitness equipment is an expression of a modern, active, and conscious lifestyle. The high-quality wood has the properties that make wood so desirable as a material: elasticity, strength, no splinters, and durability. The solid wood used is obtained exclusively from renewable inventory in the US and Germany. The hand-sewn genuine leather is also purely vegetable-tanned in Germany. Another special feature: All NOHRD fitness equipment is manufactured in an environmentally conscious way in the company's own factory – quality made in Nordhorn.
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