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Schildkröt develops and produces an extensive range of excellent table tennis items such as paddles, table tennis tables, balls, and other high-quality accessories. Whether for professional use in the highest competitive leagues and major international tournaments, on the playground, or during a family exchange of hits in the home garden – Schildkröt convinces users with products for every playing level and every type of player. Excellent quality, high ergonomics, attractive design, innovative technology – Schildkröt.
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Schildkröt table tennis equipment: becoming a pioneer with innovative concepts

Schildkröt has taken a firm place among the most innovative manufacturers in the field of table tennis equipment by developing numerous intelligent concepts. Therefore, table tennis paddles by Schildkröt offer various features that make playing even more pleasant and effective. The adjustable balance point (ABP) allows the centre of gravity of the paddle to be set as needed and adjusted to the type of game. Paddles with an anti-shock grip have materials that absorb the shock caused during hitting. Thanks to the improved damping, hits are more pleasant and controlled. With its unique quick rubber change system (QRC), which makes it possible to change coverings easily and quickly, Schildkröt has a real unique selling point in the industry. Highly decorated players like Jan-Ove Waldner or Dima Ovtcharov rely on Schildkröt as their partner for excellent performances and success.

Schildkröt table tennis equipment: progress in three centuries

Schildkröt looks back on an exceptionally long company history. The foundation for Schildkröt's current success was laid as early as 1889. Started as "Rheinische Gummi und Celluloid Fabrik" in Mannheim-Neckerau, the company first developed the blow-press method for manufacturing doll heads made of celluloid and later also table tennis balls. Today, Schildkröt still relies on celluloid as a manufacturing component for its high-quality table tennis balls. Schildkröt produces its items at its table tennis factory in China, which is one of the largest in the world and in 2009 was the first in the country to meet the European BSCI production standard. That standard requires acceptable working conditions for employees and the environment according to Western standards. Like few other companies, Schildkröt combines a creative spirit with an awareness for sustainability. True to the motto: Innovations For Tomorrow.
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