Tacx Neo Bike Plus

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Fitshop's test-resultat
  • Tacx NEO Bike Plus - experience a unique ride experience
  • Near-realistic functions like virtual gear-changing, Gear Feel and descent simulation
  • Compatible with the favourite cycling apps, like Tacx, Zwift and TrainerRoad
  • Particularly quiet thanks to the NEO smart technology
  • Output up to 2200 watts possible!
  • Up to 25 % incline or descent can be simulated
  • Reliable and precise - NEO bike accurately measures your performance to 1 %
  • Dynamic inertia - creates a very realistic ride sensation! The dynamic inertia compensates influencing factors like weight, speed and incline angle
  • Integrated, interactive fans
  • Pedalling analysis: with this your pedalling technique is measured precisely and analysed - learn how to train more effectively
  • Gear Feel and Road Feel - these features simulate the vibrations of different road surface, as well as the chain jumping into another gear
  • Descent simulation available
  • 5 crankarm lengths between 165 and 175 mm
  • Programmable gear shifts
  • Strong braking unit for a ride feel like you are outside
  • Use without external power source
  • maksimal belastbarhet: 120 kg
  • oppstillingsmål - Tacx Neo Bike Plus: (L) 139 cm x (B) 75 cm x (H) 117 cm
  • tekniske data:

Unique design with diverse setting options

With its star-shaped design and dark-grey colouring, the Tacx Neo Bike Plus is visually an eye-catcher and ideally suited to every ambitious cyclist. So that the trainer also fulfils individual requirement, both the saddle and the handlebars can be adjusted vertically and horizontally. Furthermore, it is possible to train with your own saddle, grip-belt and pedals so that the transition from the summer to the winter season barely plays a role in the future. With the extremely strong drive, it is possible to perform 2200 watt sprints which can vary with inclines of up to 25 % and integrated descent simulation.

Variation in training with practical linking options

The Tacx Neo Bike Plus is equipped with a small 4.5-inch display, which collates the training data on speed, performance, cadence and incline and displays it clearly. Those who strive for more variation in training can include motivating training apps like Zwift, TrainerRoad, Sufferfest into their training, or even the Tacx app with the help of ANT+® or Bluetooth®. Those apps are optimally suitable for getting to know the whole world with friends on different stretches or for evaluating data intensively. Thanks to the RoadFeel function, the Tacx Neo Bike Plus realistically simulates different road surfaces like cobblestones or gravel. Depending on the speed ridden, both the fans on the bicycle trainer ensure there is a refreshing ride breeze.

Pure cycling fun for within your own four walls

As a result of having neither a chain drive nor roller contact on the Tacx Neo Bike Plus, it is almost silent. Simultaneously, with the help of virtual gear-changing and the optimal power transmission, it guarantees a near-realistic ride experience. In future, your training will be great fun and not dependent on the weather, and you will be able to reliably train at any time. Experience the effective bike-training on the innovative fitness bike - Tacx Neo Bike Plus!

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Fitshop's test-resultat

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