Bodycraft weight bench FID F320

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  • Everything within easy reach! Ingenious weight bench principle: as a flat bench, the F320 is 50.8 cm high, the more upright the backrest, the lower the seat, making it even easier to reach the dumbbells
  • Many settings: 8 backrest incline angles (-20°, 0°, 15°, 30°, 38°, 45°, 60°, 70°)
  • Extremely resilient: Up to 450 kg maximum load!
  • Ideal extension: The F320 weight bench is perfect for use in Smith Racks or Power Cages as well as for use with dumbbells.
  • Well padded: 5 cm thick, high-density foam with vinyl coating - hygienic, durable, comfortable
  • Stay mobile: The F320 is equipped with transport rollers for easy manoeuvring.
  • Quick adjustment: Thanks to the safety pin, attachments can be quickly fitted or removed and the seat adjusted.
  • Stable seating position: Thick, soft, padded roller for clamping the legs so that you have full stability during training.
  • Solid construction: 2 x 3 inch thick frame tube
  • oppstillingsmål - Bodycraft weight bench FID F320: (L) 159 cm x (B) 54 cm x (H) 51 cm

The F320 flat/incline/decline weight bench by Bodycraft is impressive with its ingenious seating system, versatility and high-load capacity. The ingenious seat system has a sliding seat, which offers two advantages over conventional seat systems: the seat slides backwards when the backrest cushion is raised. This means that you do not have to move the bench forwards or backwards when changing exercises. This is particularly useful if you are switching between two exercises, such as incline bench press and shoulder press. The sliding seat also makes training with dumbbells easier, as the seat is lower than on other weight benches when the backrest cushion is in an upright position, making it easier to reach the dumbbells on the floor.

Furthermore, the Bodycraft weight bench FID F320 has eight different incline angles (-20° to 70°), which offers you a large range of exercise options, such as bench, incline bench or shoulder presses. The different incline angles can be adjusted quickly and easily using a safety pin. To ensure that you always have maximum body tension and stability to perform the various exercises correctly, the weight bench has a soft and thick padded roller that you can use to secure your legs. Especially for exercises such as flat bench, incline bench and shoulder presses, the padded roller gives you optimum body tension.

To enable you to perform an even greater number of exercises, this Bodycraft weight bench has been specially developed for use with squat racks or barbell racks.

In addition to its versatility, the Bodycraft FID F320 weight bench is also impressive with its high-load capacity. The weight bench can withstand loads of up to 450 kg, which means you can also perform exercises with a lot of weight. The bench is padded with 5 cm thick, high-density foam with a vinyl cover so that you can train comfortably despite the high load. This makes the bench not only comfortable, but also hygienic, durable and comfortable.

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