BodyCraft XFT Functional Trainer

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  • High quality cable machine station with a unique 3D smith machine
  • 3 training stations in a compact space:
    • Dual cable machine with 32 height levels
    • 3D Barbell
    • Chin up bar
  • Available with a 67.5kg or 90kg weight block
  • IMPORTANT: The weight block expansion listed in the accessories is compatible only with the 67.5kg model.
  • oppstillingsmål - BodyCraft XFT Functional Trainer: (L) 155 cm x (B) 127 cm x (H) 211 cm

The Bodycraft XFT – the Xtreme Functional Trainer offers the complete freedom of bar-/dumbbell training in combination with the safety of a machine. Not to miss is the 3D Smith Machine. This is a secured barbell that is able to move freely horizontally as well as vertically. Additionally the XFT is equipped with height adjustable, 180° swivable cable pull attachments and also a chin up station.

Revolutionary weight training with total freedom of movement and safety

The 3D barbell of the Xtreme Functional Trainer can move horizontally forwards and backwards up to 51cm. This unique concept is combined with a secured vertical movement of 152cm. This allows an exceptional smooth and free movement, which gives the advantages of free weight training with more security and flexibility.

The barbell of this 3D smith station has one function that other smith machines don't regularly offer, the barbell is able to turn! Through this the wrists are spared unnecessary strain, for example during bicep curls. The wrists are able to rest normally just like executing the exercise with free weights. This is not possible with most smith machines.

Multi-press with a counter weight for precise performance comparison

The barbell is equipped with a counter weight so that the weight of the bar is equalised. This means when you select 10kg on the weight block, then you are really using 10kg and not the weight of the bar. In our opinion an essential function on a smith machine!

Easy system for increasing weight without additional weightblocks!

With some exercises (e.g. Squats) the standard weight block (67.5 or 90kg) could possibly not be enough. But there is an easy trick. Connect the carabines of the cable system to the 3D barbell and double your training weight!

Double cable system of maximum exercise possibilities

On each side of the multi-training station are height adjustable cable pulls, each that can swivel up to 180°. As such allows numerous exercises to use the maximum range of movement, necessary for maxium training results. Only high quality components were used in the manufacturing of the cable system, providing a perfect run. The cable pulls are also able to be used individually or together.

Assembly and Manual BodyCraft XFT

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