Matrix Crosstrainer E50 xir

Nummer MAT-101012-XIR
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Fitshop's test-resultat
  • Komfortabel trening hjemme hos deg selv
  • Innovativ konsoll med intuitiv styring
  • Høykvalitets, robust utførelse
  • Suspension Technologie: Ingen ruller og skinner er nødvendig
  • Multiposisjons-håndtak med pulssensorer
  • Display: 16" HD touchscreen
  • Including WLAN, Bluetooth and HDMI connection
  • maksimal belastbarhet: 147 kg
  • oppstillingsmål - Matrix Crosstrainer E50 xir: (L) 146 cm x (B) 74 cm x (H) 172 cm
  • tekniske data:
    • bremsesystem: elektromagnetisk induksjonsbremse
    • skrittlengde: 51 cm
    • skritthøyde: 23 cm
    • skrittbredde: 6.5 cm
  • treningscomputer:
    • motstandstrinn: 30
    • treningsprogrammer tilsammen: 12
  • utrustning:
    • hjertefrekvensmåling: + pulsbelte (med i leveringen)
    • Pulsbelte til telemetrisk hjertefrekvensmåling er med i leveringen
    • strøm: nettilkobling
    • ekstra: flaskeholder

Full-body training that is gentle on the joints - space-saving design: Matrix Crosstrainer E50 xir

Long and intensive training units are not a problem on the Matrix Crosstrainer. Sophisticated ergonomics from the pedal through to the multi-position handle make this possible. Without great impact on the ankle, knee or hip joints, you can complete long training units, while quickly varying and optimally setting the resistance.

The innovative design (suspension technology) allow this trainer to manage without the otherwise familiar rails and wheels. On the one hand, this saves space, on the other hand, it makes the training particularly quiet and low on wear and friction. The resistance system is also low on wear with the modern induction technology. The flywheel is braked using an electromagnetic field, this happens very quickly, without noise and particularly evenly.

For a pleasant workout experience, the name has large rubberised treads, moveable multi-position handles, polar heart rate measurement, a bottle holder, and a bolder for books, smartphones, or tablets.

A special equipment feature of the Matrix home fitness machines is the console.

The XIR console: almost unrestricted entertainment with high-definition display

The XIR console is the most valuable console of the Matrix Home series. It provides maximum comfort in light of operability, training variety and entertainment. The 16" HD display leaves no stone unturned. It is operated through intuitive touchscreen control.

With the integrated Viewfit workout tracking, your workout data is automatically transferred to the fitness apps and tools that you use, if set to do so. Your training units are therefore also recorded in other applications and provide you with a direct overview of your training progress and performance. If you desire, you can share your data with the press of a button to your socials. Facebook, Twitter and other apps are already pre-installed on the XIR console.

12 standard training programmes form the basis for training on the Matrix Crosstrainer E50 xir. In addition, there is the exclusive Matrix Sprint 8 programme. With this scientifically established, high-intensity interval training programme (HIIT units), muscles are developed and fat burnt extremely effectively in short workout units. These workout units are especially suitable for users who either have little time for long units or want to set new workout stimulation. It is scientifically proven that two intensive training units a week reduce the risk of widespread diseases like heart attacks, strokes and diabetes.

The optional passport media technology is a highlight in light of the virtual worlds and courses. Your everyday training will becomes a trip around the world thanks to this technology. You can run or ride a number of courses globally. Explore the Great Wall of China, run through the steppes of Africa or visit metropolises like Tokyo, London and Sydney. Thanks to the Bluetooth or USB interface, you can transfer your music or video content to the console and watch or listen to your entertainment programme while training. Thanks to the 2 5-watt speakers installed, this is not a problem.

Alternatively, use the internet connection to watch a programme of your choice through apps like Netflix, Hulu or YouTube (already installed).

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Fitshop's test-resultat

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