Table tennis tables made in Germany
Sponeta is Europe's largest manufacturer of table tennis tables and is based in Schlotheim, Thuringia. From there, Sponeta has been developing and producing high-quality table tennis tables for use in leisure, training, and competition for over four decades - quality made in Germany, proven to meet the highest standards with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 certification. In its in-house test laboratory, Sponeta puts its products through their paces and makes no compromises in terms of stability, safety, or durability. Table tennis tables of excellent quality and great design can be found at our Sponeta shop at Sport-Tiedje.de.
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Sponeta table tennis tables: partner of table tennis

Thanks to the use of cutting-edge technology such as 3D simulations, Sponeta has become one of the most advanced manufacturers on the market and offers table tennis tables for every need with its extensive and high-class product range. Thanks to its strong market orientation and decades of export experience, Sponeta has succeeded today in reaching customers in over 80 countries through a global distribution network, spreading the fun and joy of table tennis to gardens, tournament halls, and leisure facilities all over the world. Beginners, advanced players, and professionals of all ages looking for the right table: In Sponeta, fans will find the ideal supplier to give free rein to their passion for table tennis.

Sponeta table tennis tables: quality from Germany

Sponeta emerged from the company VEB Schlotheimer Netz- und Seilerwarenfabrik, which was founded in 1949 and entered into the commercial register of the GDR in 1953, marking the beginning of Sponeta's success story. In 1955, the trademark "Sponeta" was created, which is composed of the name of the company's product range, namely sporting goods – nets – ropes. 1968 saw the production of the first competition nets for table tennis. Finally, in 1971, production began on the table tennis tables that are popular around the world today. In 1977, the trademark "Sponeta" finally became the company name VEB Sponeta. With the establishment of its own test laboratory in 1994, Sponeta set the course for developing table tennis tables that are now among the most reliable and highest-quality of their kind and meet the very highest requirements, even in professional sports.
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