Taurus Dual Pulley Functional Trainer

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  • Multifunctional cable pull station for functional strength training
  • Cable pulleys are height adjustable in 16 positions and can also be used separately
  • For maximum ‘range of motion’ cable pulleys can be swivelled by almost 180° each
  • Gear ratio of 2:1 for finer weight adjustment and cables that can be extanded even further
  • Incl. multi-grip chin-up bar
  • Sturdy steel frame: 50mm x 50mm with 1.5mm wall thickness
  • Nylon-coated steel cables with high load capacity and smooth pulling behaviour
  • Storage hooks for the handles included in delivery
  • Recommended accessories:
    • Taurus weight bench B900 in order to perform bench presses, shoulder presses and deadlifts more comfortably, for example
    • Handles and traction support such as a tricep rope or a narrow row handle for even more variation in your workout
    • Silicone spray to maintain the quality of the cable machine
    • Taurus Rubber Floor Mat: Our strongest floor protection mat, even for highly intensive use. 1m x 1m, 15mm thick, no dents, no wear and tear on the floor, even in the event of a dumbbell being dropped.
  • Maximum load capacity of the chin-up bar: 125kg
  • oppstillingsmål - Taurus Dual Pulley Functional Trainer: (L) 81 cm x (B) 168 cm x (H) 212 cm

The Taurus Dual Pulley Functional Trainer has been designed to offer users of all sizes and fitness levels a perfect training opportunity. The two independent cable pulls are adjustable in height in 16 positions. You can adjust them according to your training goals and preferences. Moreover, the cable pulls can also be swivelled far inwards and outwards, offering an almost unsurpassed ‘Range of Motion’.

Exceptionally High Quality of Workmanship

The Taurus Dual Pulley Functional Trainer is designed to withstand intensive training sessions. Its robust and stable construction ensures durability, while the heavy-duty frame guarantees smooth operation and lasting performance. The machine's contemporary design blends seamlessly into your workout area, allows for a variety of exercises, and lets you optimize your routines with super sets and drop sets.

Cable Pull with Extensive Accessories

The cable station already comes with two one-hand loop handles, an ankle strap (e.g., for abduction or adduction), and a long bar (for bench press, lat pulldowns, deadlifts, etc.). The multifunctional strength station is available with either 2x 72kg weight stacks or 2x 95kg weight stacks. The cable pulls have a 2:1 ratio, allowing for finer weight adjustment.
Taurus Dual Pulley Functional Trainer AwardsTaurus Dual Pulley Functional Trainer AwardsTaurus Dual Pulley Functional Trainer Awards

Manual Taurus Dual Pulley

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Fitshop's test-resultat
Mange øvelsesmuligheter

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Überdurchschnittlich robuste und stabile Kabelzugstation für Heimstudio. Zusammenbau ist recht einfach. Mit vierzig Jahren Erfahrung im Krafttraining bin ich vom Einsatz des Gerätes begeistert.
Super machine !
0 personer mente denne evalueringen var nyttig
Très bonne machine de Bonne qualité, très fluide. Le personnel est a l'écoute et très réactif. Livraison très rapide une semaine. Je recommande. Cordialement

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